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But finally I discovered an approach that broke me free: I started to articulate difficult truths about aspects of my life about which I was embarrassed, puzzled, and ashamed. Then everything fell into place. The process that had been agonizing and fruitless became fluidic and joyful.

I recommend that you try this strategy to dissolve any mental blocks you may be suffering from: dive into and explore what makes you feel ashamed, puzzling, or embarrassed. I bet it will lead to triumph and fulfilment, as happened for me. LEO July Aug. Some people in your sphere may not be overjoyed, though. To those whose sense of self isn't strong, you may be like an itchy allergen; they may accuse you of showing off or acting puffed up.

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But freaks like me appreciate creative egotists like you when you treat your personality as a work of art. In my view, you're a stirring example of how to be true to one's smartest passions. Keep up the good work! Continue to have too much fun! I'm guessing that for now you can get away with doing just about anything you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

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They were soulful mirages: full of misplaced idealism and sweet ignorance and innocent misunderstandings. Generous in ways you may not yet realize, they exuded an agitated beauty that aroused both courage and resourcefulness. Now, as those illusions dissolve, they will begin to serve you anew, turning into fertile compost for your next big production. New rules are still incubating. Right now, the details about how people express their needs to give and receive love seem to be riddles for which there are no correct answers.

So what do you do?

shout mag horoscopes

How do you proceed with the necessary blend of confidence and receptivity? Can you figure out flexible strategies for being true both to your need for independence and your need for interdependence? I bring these ruminations to your attention, Libra, just in time for the "Transforming Togetherness" phase of your cycle. Go ahead and say, "Hallelujah! My career. My calling.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 5

I fell in love with it at age 12, and studied it everyday since, but I didn't think it was a profession I could pursue. It had other ideas. It dogged me, hounded me, and wrestled me down, eventually getting me to give it an honest go.

When I finally gave over to it, my entire life shifted and started falling into place. Astrology has connected me to so many incredible people, places, spaces, and opportunities. It heals me. Get in touch: info[at]quotesmagazine.

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Follow us: Facebook Twitter Instagram. Annabel Gat is a certified astrologer, living and working in New York City. How did you develop your interest in astrology — is it something you always wanted to practice?

As a preteen, I was obsessed with taking quizzes in teen magazines— I think most people can relate to this! Also as a kid, I loved Halloween and everything that was creepy. A combination of these things drove me to collect astrology books when I was in 5th grade. I realized.

Share: Facebook Twitter. I think I would be a very miserable person without it. There are a number of organizations that offer certification, and they all have different processes. Writing the horoscopes for Broadly has been a wonderful experience. I feel so proud that my horoscopes are placed next to so many smart, funny and interesting stories. Vice is famous for pushing boundaries, and Broadly is no different.