Aquarius january 2020 horoscope tarot by anisha

Firey passion that burns intensely. Death, Rebirth Transformation going on? Are you feeling like your at war or going to war? Are any project or companies or business ideas coming back for resurrection? Heck yes! Get ready for passionate burst of change at any time I love it. I prefer to stand by the truth and nothing but the truth being Scorpio with Venus in Libra. I can smell injustice a mile away playing small will not serve but only hinder you.

Neptune and Pluto are huge game changers. Goddess Matt has always said 'make sure your own slate is clean before you call on me'. With Pluto now Direct and Saturn, Neptune who is retrograding who says the truth and nothing but the truth. Sun in Libra which is fairness, balance, justice, Karma espcially where Pluto and Capricorn are partners until and when Pluto leaves Capricorn.

Pluto is known for being Powerful Transformation and this is not a time to back down on any issues started that your dealing with especially with Authority figures such as Bosses, Taxes, Education. Government and Government, Legislation. Banking Systems. This will definitely be looking at how the UK will be dealt with fairly. But Mercury Retro is retrograde on 31st October says scrap the work done previously and start all over again.

So, as I have learnt yesterday check emails twice and all will be well. Yet, Pluto is ready for total wipe out and preparing for rebirth of the most extraordinary kind. I am feeling the Alchemist energies going on. Truth and secrets are coming out and will spill over for the next 6months into the next two years depending on how Pluto and Saturn feel.

Lessons if not already learnt will be and Justice will prevail. The Seven of Swords is manipulation of the dirtiest kind but a good backlash from Saturn which is of the many came out to bite legal officials for lies and it's just about to get started. Applying and externalizing new found relationship truths, values and social selectivity. Understanding what we care for and what has potential, or being corrupted into caring for all the wrong things. Having recognized which relationships are one-sided, which hinder ambition and which are mutually supportive and putting our understanding into action.

This enforces new found standards for relationships and truthful authentic relating. It brings new and sometimes unconventional understanding of ways to nurture and care. It puts a heavy focus on the further transformation and application of our relationship standards and values, especially through calling people out on corrupted values and also on bribability or double standards. Indecisiveness and constant reevaluation because we might be afraid that it can't work comes together with the channel of preservation.

People might go from one decision to another and be tempted to trash what has potential.

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At the same time, the energy to care, to nurture and to preserve is very strong. The big question is: do we nurture the people who nurture us as well in some form another? Or is it one-sided? This brings an understanding of who to not care for, but it can also bring an irrational going back and forth to relationships that no longer serve us. It is a slow process leading up to cutting off leeches, cutting cords and separating, which is the theme of the coming full moon.

Saturn builds structures; Pluto deconstructs them. Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth, it represents endings and beginnings. Pluto asks us to transcend, to redeem ourselves, and emerge stronger.

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It alerts us to a potent force — one that may be beyond our understanding but that at the same time cannot be ignored. Join me and discover where Capricorn sits in your chart and in which house Saturn and Pluto fall. This will give you insights of where the transformation is happening to you - where the old and rigid self has no other choice than to be transformed.

I will explain what this means and guide you through your personal chart to bring awareness and also see the potential of this new beginning!

Reserving sessions for November If you can find which house these planets are transiting, you can see where you need to redefine and morph. Do not suffer in silence, speak your authentic truth. DM me for session info. They form a sentence that answers your question. So, for this reading, I felt guided to focus only on the message in blue, which is a message from the DMs Higher Self.

Caution regarding focusing on where you're going.

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Limits imposed resulting from the rules imposed by your career. This again shows us that the DM is feeling more and more ready to take action towards union. He thinks about his DF all day, every day. Notice how each of the cards pulled go together. If that doesn't resonate, I believe another reason for all the Saturn cards is bc Saturn just went direct about 2 weeks ago.

Some may be feeling fearful of what will happen once union is established. Let go of these fears. Also, your fear if you have any could be a sign that your DMs return is closer than you think. These souls are damn eager to be born! They are here NOW! There will be even more chaos before there will be peace but that is the sequence of change. This can be felt in our own personal world but if you have been diligently working to clearing up your life and cut those karmic ties to the past this is an extremely exciting time in your life.

Clarity is yours as Pluto rules Scorpio and Scorpio governs the 8th house.

That purging summer was all about this moment. Tune into your Divine energy and surrender to the direction you are being guided to. I know many witches dealing with this so I send loving supporting energy to us all. Shine on your own. All horoscopes are written by queen, indiandthejones. Click the link in bio to book now, ASAP!

Finding Self-confidence. It brought the fear of power abuse and of having one's opinions challenged.

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This week can bring up self-doubts and fears of being inadequate and of not being good enough in order to work through them. Rightfully so there might be a fear of not having enough depth and not being able to deliver due to not acknowledging what needs to be fixed and thus not getting one's act together.

This might not necessarily be an issue of actually lacking the potential and the competence to fix it - in the first place it might simply be an issue of denying to establish the necessary competence. At the same time people might not see that depth is missing and provoke each other with repeatedly wanting to implement the same shallow solutions. We might heavily provoke those people with our solutions, who refuse to listen and to correct. It's probably a simple but impersonal mismatch, or their own denial, not your own lack of depth.

Saturn is now direct. Pluto goes direct this week. Jupiter is crossing my ascendent. Shift is real. Tonight's Moon is in Scorpio, as it's ruling Planet of Pluto goes direct, and an intense five months of shadow work will begin to wind down. We are now beginning to feel the effects of Saturn going direct, as karmic cycles begin to wrap up. What's felt stuck since April is now beginning to move and shake, and the October Full Moon will have many of us finding a place of inner union. As one cycle closes out so the new can find us, this month of 10 is all about endings and beginnings.

The harvest bounty is nearly ripe for the picking, and this season will have us feeling abundant and blessed, with a solid foundation for future success. It will soon be a time of reunions, holidays and celebrations, as we have learned to properly love ourselves, and in turn, can now give and receive love freely. If we want this happily ever after, we may need to try a different approach, as what's comfortable is no longer for our highest good. Let your intuition guide you to walk away from what no longer resonates. Let The Tower fall, knowing that when the dust settles, you can rebuild something better and stronger.

With Pluto and Capricorn both out of retrograde now we should have a very good idea of where things need to change in our lives so that we can continue on the best path for our evolution and growth. There is an emphasis right now on Libra Mars the action planet moves into Libra today and with the two power planets out of retrograde as well the next few months will be easier for us to take what we know needs to change from a thought in our minds into the physical. Actually taking the action to make this happen. Try not to get stuck in the Libra ways of putting things off to avoid disharmony and confrontation.

The time is now Not to make it sound so ugly but sometimes we need a little fire lit under our "you know what"! Stop waiting for the change s to be made for you. Take action. Papa Charyulu 3 Shri K. Amount for unclaimed and unpaid dividend. Rashi Dealtrade Private Limited was incorporated on 08 May, Shekhar Suman is an Indian actor and television personality. The name Varaprasad is ranked on the 50,th position of the most used names.