Scorpio tarot card meaning

Knights with Air.

Queens with Water. Kings with Fire.

Confused yet? Below is a breakdown of the signs of the Zodiac and their corresponding Tarot cards. Queen of Pentacles Water influence on an Earth Sign. Queen of Swords Water influence on an Air Sign.

Scorpio is a sign that is very intense and complicated, and educating yourself about these personality traits can prove beneficial for those who love or call a Scorpio a friend. If your birthday falls between Oct.

A Taste of Tarot: Scorpio & the Death Card

At Tarot Prophet, we can help educate you about the various traits associated with this zodiac sign. It is ruled by not one but two planets: Pluto and Mars. Personality traits are generally intense for people who are born into this zodiac sign. Scorpio tends to have emotions that run deep and intense.


Although they are often extremely emotional, they rarely show it or even speak of it. The combination of ruling planets makes them in tune with their surroundings and very focused. It shows deeply rooted fears in us, things that are inevitable and carries the energy of healing that is unquestionable and reachable for each physical body on the planet. This card leads us on the path of ultimate faith in the Universe's intent, and may announce an energetic healer or show the need for family constellations and working with the dead to get our ancestors in order and understand the core of our issues better.

Death Tarot Card

When the Death card is reversed, it shows our lack of readiness to adapt and accept change, showing how weak we may become in front of our own shadows and the fears we have been nurturing our entire lives. It shows how things end due to wrong choices, passionate moves that have no healthy emotional foundation, and all those things governed by the river of ancestors rather than our authentic Self and our own heart.

Upright or reversed, it speaks of inevitability of certain cycles, but when turned upside-down, it shows our resistance to the natural order of things and our inability to accept the deepest energetic twist that must happen as we let go of egocentric needs to replace them with healthy, authentic Self. It is the point where we differ from everyone else, and the shadows we overcame by bravery, in solitude and a deep contact with Nature.

Present - When it appears in our reading for this moment in time, this card speaks of letting go, similar to the Hanged Man but with even less room to maneuver.

Scorpio Tarot Card Reading For

Things in our lives are inevitable as they are already a part of our emotional world and ready to be grounded and manifested, just as they are. It may show a deep change coming to its end, and announces lighter and freer times ahead of the road, once we are done with the skin-shedding, time-consuming, self-recognition process that everything in our life has led to. Future - The card of Death seems a bit frightening when set in our future, but when we think about it, it represents the most natural order of things a reading could show.

With this in mind, such a role in a layout tells us something important that needs to be faced and shows us how our fear might shape our circumstances just as our bravery might.

Tarot card reading for 12222

Speaking of inevitable change, there is really not much philosophy to it, as it shows endings in our life. Still, its impact in a reading is of great importance, for it reminds the person about their purest set of priorities.

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