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The problem will be keeping his attention. Maintain his interest by always keeping him guessing, but be honest with him. Also, allow him his space and his freedom when he needs it. Life for this pair will never be boring, but they may need to work a bit on staying grounded. Both signs are very opinionated, so arguments may be numerous.

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The Gemini woman and Aquarius man are very similar in personality. They share many of the same views.

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  4. Since they also are both so free-spirited, commitment could be an issue for both. The Cancer woman may find Aquarius shallow and emotionally aloof, while the Water-bearer likely will hate the clingy nature of the Crab. These two will both need to move out of their comfort zones to make a true love connection. Unfortunately, the Lion is much more passionate about almost everything and will often consider Aquarius much too lukewarm.

    The Virgo woman is far too practical for the Aquarius man. Virgo will often see the Water-bearer as rash, unpredictable and illogical. And since neither sign is particularly affectionate or emotional, it will take some work on both parts to keep the spark alive.

    Both the Libra woman and Aquarius man are creative and intellectual, with strong social skills. A Libra woman might not get all the individual attention she craves from her Aquarius lover. Aquarius may never provide the Scorpio woman with the security she thrives on, and she may see him as emotionally cold. To take their relationship to the next level she may need to readjust her expectations a bit. Both the Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man are adventurous, daring and fun-loving. Suffice to say, it will take some work for these opposites to attract.

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    Two Water-bearers can enjoy an exciting relationship together, filled with fun, adventure and great conversation. Neither partner will be too jealous or restrictive, so each will be allowed the freedom he or she needs.

    The Pisces woman and Aquarius man may seem too different to be compatible. Aquarius is ruled by intellect, while Pisces is ruled by emotion. If they can get beyond their differences they could become the most interesting couple in their social circle.

    Is the Aquarius Man Compatible?

    Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius has perhaps the biggest fear of commitment. A professional psychic or astrologer can offer advice on how to cement a place for yourself in his heart. Your psychic astrologer will work closely with you to decode clues to your compatibility and how best to proceed.

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