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Sun enters Aries Spring Equinox.

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Saturn enters Aquarius. Mars enters Aquarius.

Venus enters Gemini. Mercury enters Aries. Sun enters Taurus. Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury enters Gemini. Mars enters Pisces. Sun enters Gemini. Mercury enters Cancer. North N enters Gemini. Sun enters Cancer Summer Solstice. Also call out for money owed to you for long. This is not a time for indulgences.

The financial inflow would be able to meet your need and not your greed.

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Hence natives are advised to play it safe in the financial side for the year. Scorpios would be fit both mentally and physically this year. Your energy levels would also be quite high thanks to the good placement of your ruler Mars all this year. Conserve your energy and focus on the positives around.

Do not dispel your energy into unwanted events. Also set your priorities straight. The first half of the year might consume much of your energy, be cautious though. Set your priorities straight with regard to your lifestyle and dietary habits. Revamp your physical health by sticking to good healthy habits. Find ways and means to improve your stamina and your metabolism in general. A hearty and healthy period awaits most Scorpios but only the deserving ones. There would be goodness in the family life of Scorpio people for year Through the year, you would be needed to make some important, bold and life-changing decisions with regard to family and home.

Also the consequences would be quite alarming. Think logically and analytically before venturing into major decisions.

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Also time to relax when the sparks go high up. Though these things are predicted for the first half of the year, the latter half of the year would seem calm and serene. Also you would get the whole-hearted love and attention of family now. A good time to travel with family and friends is predicted around the last quarter of the year and this would further strengthen your bonds. Scorpios better stay away from risky ventures for now. Self-discipline is the key to survival is here. Devise an action plan and start working on it. But you better do not stray from the straight path.

In January, Neptune would be in square to your sign, Scorpio. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens.

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Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!

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Chris, Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock discuss some of the major transits and alignments for the year ahead. All of us at TMA wish all of our dear readers a joyful, healthy, and fun-filled Stay in touch, so happy to be on the road with you!

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I hope you enjoy reading whatever draws you in this mix and have time for it! Doug is a long-time astrologer and software programmer. In the new post, linked above, Doug discusses the generations as defined by outer-planet markers. Sibly Ascendant in Sagittarius, referring back to previous cycles of Saturn transiting conjunct the U. This transit will be accompanied by Neptune square the Sibly Ascendant. This Neptune square starts in the early spring of , and by late spring we have Saturn on the Ascendant and Neptune square the Ascendant.

AstroFix: the blog of an astrology addict , is an active spot that displays a mix of modalities well suited for the digital format — there are snapshots of aspects, lots of graphics and gifs, a lively comment section. Opening doors to secret places with just a look. Gaining access to mysterious places by looks and manner alone. Making people believe you are powerful.

You intimidate people. Making people believe you do in fact know secrets. Curl of concealment. No one says hi to you first. You no longer have friends. You spend a lot of time crying, lost and in denial. The day you begin to accept your new reality is as sad and terrifying as it is liberating. You realize you still have a heart, at least, beating wildly for air, and maybe that is enough……. Yes, you will feel destroyed again. But you cannot be destroyed.

You are eternal. When you forget this, go outside and stand in your garden.

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Feel the air on your skin.