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Their influences, however, are very real, even if they are mostly on a subconcious or collective level. Times are-a-changing, though. We are now at a point in history where immortality is within easy reach and where our collective conciousness is readying us for these longer and more meaningful cycles. From Uranus to Ceres to Neptune to Pluto to Chiron to Charon to the Kuiper belt to the explosion of all those new trans-Neptunians now being discovered, and our newly-formed definition of "planet" , the minor planets are taking on a new significance -for both astronomers and astrologers.

With so many of them, which should we consider, and just how powerful or influential are they in the horoscope?


This is determined largely with time and observation on the part of astrologers. Minor planets, just like the minor gods, have a definite influence in the horoscope and in our lives, albeit less so than the major planets. They focus on details or specifics in the chart.

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In the cosmic scheme, they are the links or mediators between humanity and the Gods. The major planets or Gods, on the other hand, deal more with major or general themes and issues. They can be likened to kings or presidents, whereas the minor planets can be likened to their immediate subordinates. Another analogy is continents versus countries, states, and cities. This implies that there are also different levels of minor planets, which is so.

While size is an important factor it is not always a clear indication of a planet's level. Russia and the Vatican, for example, are both countries and exercise great power, but they are vastly different in size. Pluto, for example, may be tiny in comparison with the other main planets, but it exercises power beyond its size and is recognized as a major planet by most astrologers.

A final analogy can be made with major and minor chakras or enegy centers in the body. There are twelve major chakras and perhaps minor ones.

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The minor ones can be further subdivided by tens, hundreds, or one thousand to arrive at that magical number of ,, the number of elect souls who, according to the bible, are to supposedly rule over the "normal" masses of humanity. Of all the minor bodies, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron are the most popular among astrologers. Here is a brief description of these bodies. Ceres is the largest of the inner asteroid bodies between Mars and Jupiter, measuring some ?

It was considered a full-fledged planet when discovered on Jan.

She holds the space for everything we know in our solar system. She holds it all. Not because of her great skill, learning, or prowess, or anything she did or knew. Everything she did to free herself from abusive men failed. She did all that she could — and it was not enough. Only a deep surrender of heart and soul to the great power and wisdom of Life — the power that holds us all — could save her. You know in your bones that reality is far more complex than the models we have to describe it.

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Because it is time. Not with the old ways, though. With the new ones emerging form your heart. The week ahead: your accelerating trajectory into the Mystery.

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This is the completion of the reality-bending process that has defined this year of You may feel your own reality cracking and bending. The forces of control and of grace will be wrestling within and around you as the Sun squares the centaur Nessus and conjuncts the Cosmic Rainmaker Huya. The information pouring through Mercury to you will be more than he — or you — can process at once.

Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List: Asteroids

This retrograde will prepare us for the Sagittarius New Moon, just days before Saturn comes home to Capricorn for the first time in 29 years. Our master class in manifestation will begin. The changes that are unfolding are profound. The currents flowing through the widening cracks in the old paradigm carry the potent, creative frequencies of renewal and regeneration.

Nothing works smoothly when a Moon is void of course. Lilly defines the Moon as being void of course when it will not be in orb of applying to a major aspect before leaving its current sign. Lilly also accepts that a void of course Moon can still perform in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces. Is the Moon in late degrees? A chart may be unsafe to judge if the Moon is in the last degrees of a sign, especially Gemini, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Is Saturn in the Seventh House? Your judgement as an astrologer may be compromised or restricted unless you are the querent as well.

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Is Saturn in the First House when the astrologer is the querent? Your judgement as an astrologer may be compromised or restricted. Next you need to decide which planet s rule the querent and the question. The querent is always co-ruled by the Moon as well as by the ruler of the Ascendant, the Almuten s of the Ascendant and the rulers of any planets in the first house. You also need to decide which is the natural ruler for the issue and which houses are important in the matter. You may need to turn the chart, in other words if you are asking about the career of your partner then you will not be looking in the tenth house your own career but using the seventh house your partner as his or her first house and counting on ten houses from there.

So 7th house plus 10 is counted around the chart to the 4th house. Matters involving the partner's career are ruled by the 4th house. It is weakened in this position. In this position, unlike combust, they are strengthened. The exception is the Moon which is malefic in this position, being a New Moon.

Moon - Emotions, intuition, cycles, home, women, the public, lost objects, short trips, changes, mother. Mercury - Thoughts, speech, communication, business matters, transport, contracts, neighbours, young people, students, office workers. Venus The Lesser Benefic - Love life, creativity, beauty, social life, gifts, money, marriage, young women, mother, wife, pleasures, luxury goods.


Mars The Lesser Malefic - Action, energy, accidents, willpower, sex, weapons, accidents, quarrels, injury, assertiveness. Jupiter The Greater Benefic - Luck, expansion, opportunity, excess, gambling, higher education, long journeys, prophecy, foreigners, the wealthy, professionals. Saturn The Greater Malefic - Duties, responsibilities, burdens, lessons, ambitions, old people, debts, delays, poveryt, obstacles, loss father, death, restrictions. Pars Fortuna Part of Fortune: not a planet but one of the numerous Arabic Parts - Income, possessions, treasure, money.

The querent. Personal life and appearance, beginnings, accidents, new projects, length of life. Finances, values, lost or stolen objects, possessions, potential poverty or wealth, resources, material things desired, business transactions, earnings work. Siblings, relatives, neighbours, short journeys, schooling, early education, cars, personal communication, letters, emails, advice, gossip, rumours, news.