14 march capricorn horoscope

Instead, float.

Capricorn Horoscope for December 12222

Answers will arrive when you don't force them. Gemini's keywords for April: dreams, confusion, love, romantic fulfillment, pleasure, career uncertainty, foggy, friends, self-sufficiency. You're ready to strike out in a new career direction, but there is someone close to you who seems to be fighting you all the way. It might be your spouse, but you might also need to cut a business partner loose. Whatever this adversity is, remember that you've got every right to follow your passion.

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Don't allow other people to define your goals or put you in a corner. Domestic matters are taking precedence near the Full Moon on April You might hear emotional news about someone in your family, and if so, it'll strike a chord. At the same time, however, you may feel more connected to your clan than ever before. You're a unit, that's for sure. Love is not easy for you this month, Cancer.

It feels like you have more urgent matters to tend to in family and with your professional world. If you're in a relationship, you might feel like you're completely single in April. If you are single You've got bigger fish to fry this month. Cancer's keywords for April: family, career, adversity, emotional, tests, promotion, moving up, goals, ambition. You need a certain set of skills in order to achieve your ambitions in life -- or at least to do the job you currently have in front of you. Unfortunately, the road you need to take when it comes to education might be paved with frustration. There might be an actual block to your learning that you need to confront, and if that's the case, it'll be time to hire a tutor or slow down enough in your learning method to assimilate information properly.

Remember, learning is a process. This month, you have to be willing to build the mental muscles. On April 22 there might be a fabulous and unexpected career turning point. Alternatively, you might have to deal with a roller coaster development in your professional path. Your love life gets interesting after April You could meet someone who expands your horizons and opens you up to grand possibilities.

If you're in a relationship, then you and your lover might travel out of the country together. Leo's keywords for April: skills, learning, processing, education, study, career shift, travel, certification, degree, work. Major developments in your finances are likely, however, if you have any children, you might feel as if all of your money is going in their direction. Sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

You might also feel like you have to discipline yourself more in terms of how you're spending. Making wise investments now will be instrumental because there is no room to gamble your money. In fact, this is a month to avoid speculation even though it appears that you'll be doing well financially. Be prudent and don't bother with risky opportunities -- they won't pan out. You might also struggle with your love life, going from bliss to seeing your romantic bubble burst between April 10 and Either you'll feel some resentment about carrying the financial weight of your relationship, or you and your partner will start to argue over your intimate life.

Expect a turning point, but not without some major contention. Ironically, you both want the same thing, but neither one of you are willing to pay the price.

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Virgo's keywords for April: money, risk averse, speculation, gamble, investment, finances, intimacy, power struggle, children. A new start is likely in your relationship, but it might lead to some family drama. The New Moon on April 5 will land right in your partnership sector, suggesting a major initiative is likely between you and your mate, or that you'll be ready to start a new relationship. Since this lunation is rubbing against Saturn and Pluto in your family sector, however, there is a problem.

It looks as if someone in your clan doesn't approve of your union or has decided to make trouble. Maybe it's a child that one of you has from a previous marriage, or perhaps it's a disapproving parent. Whatever the case, you won't have an easy time of it. Fortunately, by April 20 Venus will move into your partnership sector, assuring that love will prevail. A Full Moon in your sign on April 19 will add to the emotionality of April for you.

You might be tired of giving every part of you to everyone else. Is it time to put your own oxygen mask on? Libra's keywords for April: relationship, family drama, children, meddling, sensitive, self-preserving, emotional, boundaries. A new work opportunity is coming your way, but it looks like you'll be struggling to get the compensation you want. It's likely that you'll receive a job, however, they might lowball you on salary or tell you that you'll need to accept less money because you're not completely qualified.

Another possibility is that you will decide that it's time to invest in yourself professionally. You might put money into a freelance career and start to advertise your services more. In this case, knowing that it takes money to make money will help get you past the initial hurdle. Your love life gets really interesting in April. If you're single, after April 20 someone you work with might boldly express interest.

In fact, this person might start to openly flirt with you and not care at all who else notices. On April 22 the Sun and Uranus will join forces in your partnership sector.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from 14th March 2016

If you're attached already, then there might be a sudden urge for freedom. This might be as simple as allowing each other some space. Don't take it personally. Scorpio's keywords for April: work, job offer, money crunch, frugal, office romance, free love, freedom, separation.

Your love life is about to get interesting. And frustrating. It looks like you'll have a definite possibility for romance thanks to the New Moon on April 5. The trouble, however, is that you might realize that the price you'll need to pay for this love is just way too much. In fact, do you really want to break the bank of your self-worth profile in order to get this person to love you? Place restrictions on how much you'll give early into a romance, otherwise you'll risk feeling extremely excited Fortunately, this cycle will pass come April 20, and it actually looks very promising for love by then, as Venus moves into your true love sector.

Let this person earn you. You're worth it. In other news, a friend might really need your support -- especially on the 19th. You'll be extra sensitive to his or her needs. Also, a major change at work is likely near April Be ready for anything. Sagittarius' keywords for April: self-worth, self-respect, the price of love, money, sex, dating, affair, romance, creativity, work shake-up. A new development in a family situation leads you to take on more responsibility than you might have bargained for. Pay attention to the happenings around the April 5 New Moon. Although there is likely to be an opportunity for a fresh start in your domestic world, Saturn and Pluto are in your sign, harshly squaring this lunation.

You may have to carry a significant personal burden for your clan.

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Do your best. Then on April 19, a Full Moon at the top of your chart suggests being in the spotlight for your career. This can be about fulfillment, but it might also be about receiving more public attention than you expected. If you were hoping to remain anonymous, Capricorn, well, that probably isn't going to happen. Your love life gets stirred this month as well. Despite the fact that you not only begin this month, as you have every other month for the last two years with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, from the get go this month will feel different.

This is partly because, after returning to Capricorn late last month, you begin the month with Venus here, giving your heart a voice from the get go.

capricorn Horoscope

By 3rd December Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will not only be in Capricorn but this is the first day of a 12 month journey that will make the coming year one of the most important, expansive and significant in over a decade. What you have, in the early hours of the month is the planet of luck, change and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains, coming together in Capricorn and creating a team that will define the next 12 months.

To begin with this will see the lines between the past, present and future become even more blurred, because until the Sun returns to Capricorn on 22nd December you are still in the final weeks of your old solar year, something that requires time for reflection. Fortunately, the new era you are moving into has no urgency. An eclipsing New Moon on 26th December will be a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead.

Meanwhile, while you have a Full Moon on the job front on 12th December, activity on the career front all month and Venus returning to your income sector on 20th December, this comes with few demands and a lot of potential. On both the romantic and relationship fronts, you have major forces in play but forces that are largely working in the background. The North Node, in partnership with the South Node in Capricorn, is both working to keep your relationships on track and to maintain a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The lunar nodes have been doing this since November and will continue until May While North Node will continue to do this, especially as the number of planets in Capricorn increase and you start to take your personal power back, the real test will be during a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector next month.

For Venus, having the North Node in your relationship sector is making her job of updating your relationship expectations relatively easy. It has been 17 years since Venus last returned to find the North Node, a lucky force but also one that provides a clear since of direction in your relationship sector.

At the same time, this is the first time that Venus has returned to Capricorn to find serendipitous Uranus in your romantic sector in eight decades. Venus, the planet of love is in Capricorn until 20th December, giving her plenty of time to not just update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for but to exploit the potential available on both fronts.